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Birth Work

It's a tremendous honor and a pleasure to be an apprentice doula under my dear friend and mentor, Kanuwena Powell,  A mother of three children, she is a talented and compassionate birth professional with two decades  years of 

experience supporting mothers in our community across a wide spectrum of birthing  situations, both chosen and unexpected. During the time that I have been assisting Kanuwena, I have been very fortunate to learn the ways of 

supporting mothers and their families from an 

incredibly knowledgeable and wise birth worker during their most sacred and powerful of life experiences.  



My own two children gifted me with very different birth experiences, although both pregnancies were fairly straightforward (in spite of my "advanced maternal age").  My daughter, Leilani, was born after more than 36 hours of labor, which included a transfer from the birthing center to a hospital, and a birth plan that changed twice: 

first from an unmedicated delivery, to Pitocin + epidural delivery, and when that didn't work, to a c-section.  My son, Kanoa, on the other hand, entered this world through a planned home birth that started off fast and easy, and culminated after a marathon six hours of pushing.  With my intimate experiences of very different birth experiences, I am blessed to have a deep well from which I can draw to support a mama.  Unsurprisingly, my two-decades plus of yoga practices, and 18 years of teaching, align almost seamlessly with the experiences of birth and motherhood.


I look forward to continuing to serve our community as an assistant to Kanuwena.  Reach out directly to me, or send an email to Kanuwena by clicking here if you would like to learn more about receiving excellent pregnancy, birth and postpartum support, as well as childbirth education classes.

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