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Practice with Me

My favorite way to learn and teach yoga is through the one-on-one relationship that grows and evolves over the course of sustained practice.  This can take place in the form of private lessons, semi-private or small group classes, or, the one-on-one instruction supported within a group setting known as "Mysore style" - named for the city in South India and the home of Ashtanga Yoga.  I believe that the most beneficial and effective learning happens within the context of a safe and trusting relationship, which is nurtured with clear intention, consistency, nurturing, and patience - just like practice. In fact, relationship (of any nature) is yoga.

I am currently offering private, semi-private and small group classes in-person as well as virtually.  In-person lessons are held at the location of your choice, including outdoors.  Reach out to me on the Contact page and let's get you started.  I'm excited to work with you! 

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